Thermolite Range


Top end reference of polyester fibers in Europe, Advansa entrusted PEG for the licence to product the Thermolite® range : an exceptional insulation, ideal for the luxury brands and sportswear.

The clothes made out the Thermolite® range fibers are efficient and comfortable. Sportsmen can use them during any weather and for any sport : these clothes performances stay unchanged. Regular tests are realized during the production to ensure this high level performance. To touch, the material is pleasant and to the eye, they are beautiful.

  • The qualities of the Thermolite® range : the heat and the comfort for a minimum weight, even in case of humidity.
  • The secret of the Thermolite® range : the hollow fibers capture the air for better insulation. Then, because the surface is important, the humidity evaportates quickly. On average, the clothing dries 20% faster than other insulating clothing and 50% faster than the cotton.

Moisture is not an ennemy anymore.

The humidity is the ennemy of the physic effort. When the athlets are in great effort, they swet. If the moisture stays on the skin or penetrate inside the clothes, they cool and feel a certain discomfort, and this can have incidence on their performances. This is why it is imortant that the first layer of clothing keeps away the moisture from the skin. The Thermolite® clothing keeps away the moisture from the body so that the skin stays dry and does not cool.

But the Thermolite® performances does not stop the inside sheet ; this clothing is so warm and light, and is equally perfectly indicated to be used as an intermediate sheet. It is warm and light at the same time, it allows greater freedom of movement – these qualities are perfect for an intermediate sheet.

Further, the insulation properties of tops, leggings, fleece, sweat-shirts and suits etc. Thermolite® make a perfect third layer for athletes, cyclists, skiers and snowboarders. Thermolite® offers its exceptional technology in any circumstances and assure a constant heat with any temperature.

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