Thermocool Range


High-end reference of polyesters fibers in Europe, Advansa entrust PEG for the licence to product the Thermocool range : this innovating product increase the natural thermoregulation capacity of the body thanks to the smart fibers.

This range associate hollow fibers and smart fibers. According to the clients needs, the clothes cool or the fibers act as a thermal stamp.

The secret of this range is to associate these two types of fibers. The numbers are speaking about themselves compares to other products : the moisture is transfered lot faster and the evaporation is way more efficient and more quickly.

Ideal for sportswear's brands

Thermoregulation is the mecanism that allows the body to conserve a constant temperature. It is the result of production and the wast of body's heat. This phenomenon is extremely important for demanding sportsmen or people who are facing extrems conditions (trekking, biking, hiking, marathon...).
The Thermocool range gives them the conditions to success and also comfortables and light clothing.

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