Our Certifications


Quality within PEG comes mainly from the experience of production staff for several decades.

The articles produced by PEG undergo checks on their final application and are made in our own laboratory and by recognized laboratories (IFTH, LNE, CSTB, SGS etc …).

Wadding for clothing and furniture :

On the wadding for these areas, the thickness and the surface density are controlled by both the production teams and our internal laboratory.

These products may have to undergo a number of charges / discharges successive significant (placing a vase on a table cloth, sitting on a mattress.). In these cases, our internal laboratory allows us to assess the resilience (ability to return property after loading) products using a protocol inspired by the NF T56-116 made on our dyanometer.

To establish official relations DKD certified, the company uses the services of the FCBA.
In addition, our wadding clothing undergo a substantial number of washes without incurring significant dimensional changes: the key to this type of padding parameter is regularly monitored by the CTTN according to ISO 15797-2002 standard for industrial washing or Intertek for household washing or dry cleaning.

Insulation wadding for clothing and sleeping bag :

In addition to internal controls similar to those mentioned above, controls thermal performance (thermal resistance, evaporative resistance, permeability index of water vapor according to EN 3102/ISO 11092, or tog according to NF G 07 107) are made either IFTH either CETELOR. Controls fire behavior are also made by IFTH.

Thermal insulation made out polyester fibers for building :

Also in addition to rigorous internal controls, similar to those mentioned above, controls thermal performance (thermal conductivity - λ) are made in both our internal lambda meter LaserComp FOX600 ASTM C518-91 and renowned laboratories (CSTB - ESA) in the case of certifications including the European Technical Approval (ETA) and subsequently ATEx.

Paddings :

Just as the production team of the different waddings, padding team has the know-how acquired over the years. In the interests of optimal quality control, all parts produced are visited before shipment.

Insulation complex (aluminum + wadding) for housing :

These insulation complex, allowing the insulation both garages and roofing are made of PEG wadding trapped between sheets of aluminum for reflecting the heat radiation. The thermal properties of these complexes are determined by the same laboratories of those mentioned above.
The development of these complexes was carried out in close collaboration with a specialist engineer protection against the cold weather.

Blankets and Pillows :

Each envelope is carefully controlled by the production teams (presence of defects etc ...) and their texture is regularly monitored. To provide high quality products, the company works with the SGS laboratory that performs dimensional stability testing, presence of harmful to health dyes, etc.

The quality lies in PEG through the expertise of its production teams and its protocol of traceability of raw materials and finished products: indeed, for each production, we are able to determine the origin of the fibers and the envelopes.

Finally the greatest guarantee of quality in PEG is in its certifications including the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Class I proving the environmental aspects of products and the European Technical Approval issued by the Scientific Centir and Building Technology.

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